Flyer-Vorschau: Health Risks Caused by Toner, Laser Printers and Copying Machines – Facts You Should Know and How You Can Protect Yourself!

Printer-emitted particles—a global health hazard!

Welcome to nano-Control, International Foundation—breathing means living!

Our mission is clean indoor air quality (IAQ) for it is the air we breathe.
As NGO nano-Control informs the public about hazards, promotes research and solutions and helps people affected.

Particulate matter (PM) is dangerous to our health—almost every child knows that by now. Most people think of diesel exhaust particulates and factory fumes. However, it is hardly known that in developed countries the biggest risk comes from indoor air because people stay in rooms for more than 80% of their time.

About one billion laser printers and copying machines pollute the air we breathe worldwide and unfiltered

Especially laser printers and copying machines can pollute our indoor air considerably with billions of ultrafine particles per page. Printer-emitted particles (PEPs) include engineered nano materials (ENM) of carbon black and heavy metals from the toner as well as volatile organic compounds (VOC) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) and cause severe damage to our health, chronic disease and occupational disability. Even DNA damage to human lung cells was observed after a print job of 200 sheets.

Fortunately, the problem can be solved easily. Pollution can be reduced by using filters and be eliminated by modern ink-jet printers. They save 90% of material, 80% of current and 50% of printing costs.

It is about your air and your health. Inform yourself, your family and friends and help us stop this craziness. Take care! If you already suffer from unexplainable recurrent symptoms, like a flu, request for our help.—It is for free.

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