Help for people affected

If you

  • have to deal with laser printers, fax/copying machines or toner and
  • often suffer from the following symptoms:
    • cold symptoms like sneezing, sniffing, cough, sore throat, asthma or chronic bronchitis (COPD)
    • red, itchy, burning eyes
    • reddened skin, itching, pustules, esp. in the unclothed area like face, décolleté or hands
    • headaches or pains in the locomotor system, esp. in the musculature
    • inflammations of bladder or prostate
    • lack of concentration, memory and finding words, exhaustion, burnout or depressions
  • and the symptoms get better when avoiding these devices (like e.g. on holidays) or worsen when being heavily exposed or when the room is bad ventilated (like e.g. in winter)
  • and there is no other adequate explanation,

then it is suspect that the toners or the emissions of those devices are responsible for your symptoms.
In order to avoid severe health damage and threatening vocational disability, you urgently should get to the bottom of this matter.

We will help you to protect your health, to sustain your ability to work and to secure your rights—competent and for free!

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    (Only a brief outline of the main points please, e.g.: cold, burning eyes, irritating cough for 2 years after receiving a new printer at the workplace, getting better on weekends and on holidays, worse in winter, unexplained cause, a colleague is sneezing and sniffing permanently…)

    Suspicious devices and toner?

    (type, manufacturer, original toner, e.g. two laser printers of brand XY, type A with original toner in an office of 20 m², and a copier brand XY, type B with original toner ABC in the corridor, laser printer polluted with toner)

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