Nano particles and pollutants from laser printers and copying machines are a serious and global health problem—fortunately, there are solutions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which detected the diesel affair, already knew in 1995 after the examination of copying machines:

The biggest risks for national health emanate from indoor air.

The particulate matter hazard from laser printers affect almost everyone

Particulate matter kills 430,000 people annually alone in Europe and emerges also from laser printers and copying machines.
More than a billion of laser printers and copying machines worldwide pollute the air we breathe with an invisible and unfiltered mix of billions, especially ultrafine, particles per page and dangerous pollutants, among them metallic and carbon nano particles from toners! Swiss Re counts nano particles and chemicals among two of the six biggest risks for mankind.

Severe consequences for health and economy

People normally breathe in the emissions of laser printers for many years without knowing and without any protection, with severe consequences.

nano-Control has received thousands of written messages of people affected from all over the world. What starts as a harmless cold can quickly result in severe chronic diseases and frequently in occupational disability. The financial damage amounts to billions. And there are cases of death.

The troublesome experience of the people affected have now been verified by a plenty of international studies. With every breath we take, the respirable particles enter the body and reach all organs via the bloodstream up to the inside of the cells. They deposit there and can cause cell-damaging oxidative stress, inflammations and even genotoxic effects. This implies a danger of cancer! These effects have already been observed after a few minutes and only after some pages had been printed, and also at a low level and in healthy bodies.
Therefore, these effects concern everyone. Research teams in Harvard, Beijing and Freiburg are warning of these effects.

Due to this state of research and according to the precautionary principle, the Federal Government is oblidged to protect the population, to completely clarify the risks and to help the people affected.

Fortunately, there are solutions!

Low-emission ink-jet printers not only treat our health with care. They started to be as efficient as laser printers a long time ago and, according to the manufacturers, save 90% of material, 80% of current and 50% of cost.
After cases of cancer in German courts, laser printers have been replaced nationwide by ten thousands.

Even the Federal President uses ink for printing.

Filters can reduce the emissions. The first manufacturer now integrates filters worldwide.

Inform yourself and your fellow men. Only those who are informed can protect themselves.


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