nano-Control—a non-profitable foundation since 2008

Clean indoor air because breathing means living!

Our Mission

  • the protection of the population against the avoidable emissions of laser printing devices!
  • the ultimate scientific clarification of the damages!
  • the precautionary protection of health and labour as well as consumer protection, throughout the EU!
  • the people affected so that they recover again, get back their ability to work, come into their own and recover damages!

Mission possible: We have…

  • a great team consisting of more than 200 founders, sponsors and voluntarily working people in Europe, and we get stronger and stronger.
  • personally helped thousands of people affected.
  • informed millions of people, politicians and authorities via our websites, flyers, media reports, discussions and events.
  • ensured the progress of research by investing donations of 120,000€; this progress had been promised by the Federal Government but was neglected due to the pressure of the industry. We have managed to clarify in which way toners and emissions have a harmful effect. Even genotoxic effects have been proved and this implies a danger of cancer! Metallic and carbon black particles have even been proved in human cells.
  • ensured that modern ink-jet printers more and more replace the dangerous and „dusty“ laser printing technology or that they are at least equipped with filters. Thousands of laser printers have been disposed of in authorities and companies, e.g. in Hamburg’s police department, in Lower Saxon courts, in the Office of the German Federal President and the Zurich city council.

Our Projects

nano-Control promotes research and solutions

  • We evaluate the written messages of thousands of people affected, collect medical results and other results of investigation and carry out surveys.
  • Our „Research Initiative“ initiates investigations which we financially support to some extent. We have almost invested donations of 120,000€ and made a substantial contribution to the clarification which the Federal Government has neglected. Our project series „Good to know…“ specifically promotes small projects, also in the research sector, like e.g. the investigation of toners containing metals.
  • We evaluate the results of international research. Meanwhile, far more than a hundred international studies bring evidence to pollutions and harmful effects. We provide them on this website.
  • We care for safer printing.